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Breeding FishBreeding Fish

When your fish can reproduce in your tank, you're doing things right. We like to fool ourselves into thinking we're responsible for aquarium fish breeding, but really, all we do is make it possible for our fish to do what they really want to. If you decide you want to try to breed your fish and raise the resulting fry, you'll be letting yourself in for one of the most rewarding aspects of this rewarding hobby.

How to Breed a SeahorseHow to Breed a Seahorse

Many aquarium books tell you that breeding seahorses is a simple thing to do, but that's not true. Only experienced aquarists should attempt this undertaking. For one thing, they need to be fed continuously because they lack a stomach for food storage.

How to Breed Fancy GuppiesHow to Breed Fancy Guppies

The little fancy guppy, with its rainbow-colored flanks and delicate flared fins, inspires many fish keepers to become fish breeders. All you need are one male and two or three females at least 3 months old.

Telling a Male from a Female FishTelling a Male from a Female Fish

In some cases determining the sex of your pet fish is an easy thing to determine and in other cases it is quite difficult, if not impossible. The reason is the wide variability between species of fish.

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