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Do not leave dogs in your car sending in the nearest pub. Such mistake was made by a certain inhabitant of Canada. The dog sat-sat, and then from boredom has suddenly started his car! While it moved down on roads from a hill, the casual pedestrian has seen the car with black dog driving it and has called police.

Policemen at once have arrived on a place. There they have found out the lorry standing in the middle road and blocking traffic. The dog was still sitting as a driver of a car. As a result of incident anybody including driver, has not suffered. However, while remains not clear as the dog could learn rules of traffic.

And our dogs could suit to themselves the true party. On an integrated poultry farm located in the next small town, there was an accident. There have switched off electricity. The part of production has become unfit for use. Conditions of storage of meat have been disturbed. After that meat could not be started up in realization for people. But it was suitable for feeding dogs. Farmers knew, that we have a plenty of dogs. They sold it under very low price. Therefore workers of factory have called to us and have suggested buying from them this production. We were delighted very much. Not often it is possible to indulge our pets. We have bought a lot of meat. Three hundred kg. We have brought it home. My husband and I began to unload the car. Have brought home first two boxes, have put them on kitchen. We have followed other boxes. While we went to the car and have returned, dogs could close a door of an apartment from within. They have closed it on an internal latch. While we tried to open a door, they divided two boxes of a hen. There where two boxes on twelve kg. It means Twenty four kg of a hen on four dogs. And then they ate them with huge appetite. Loudly champing and crackling bones. And we heard all. And we could make nothing because we have a reliable door. And it was completely not simple to open it. When we have got in an apartment, I have not found out my dogs. Try to imagine the dog in which six kg of meat lays. And now try to imagine such four dogs sitting next with each other . They sat because to stand they could not any more. Their paws caved in from weight. And eyes were closed. And in their eyes full intoxication was visible only. They fell asleep. They wished to sleep only. But dogs have not fallen asleep because the God punishes those who eat much and me too. The most part of that night we have lead in the street on the dog platform. Thanks you, my dear dogs, for superb night!

The most terrible in this history these: when we left to unload the car, the Barbarian slept in a childrens room. The handle of a door of this room is the round form. And the Barbarian cannot open it. It could not accept participation in this party. It sat under a door and loudly barked. It was in fury when we have let out it from a room. I have given the Barbarian the hen from a new box.

Comments of Kira: well why all the most interesting has happened before my birth!

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