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Choosing the Right Food for your DogChoosing the Right Food for your Dog

Unless your dog has figured out how to dial the phone and order pizza, we humans are responsible for the care and feeding of our dogs. (I sometimes do think that they have figured out how to use the microwave - and my old Akita, Maesc, knew how to open the refrigerator and the Rubbermaid containers to eat the leftovers. We had to duct tape the refrigerator closed for months!) Anyway, there are several options for feeding your dog.

Feeding Your PuppyFeeding Your Puppy

Most new puppy owners seem to know this by instinct. That is why they ask their vet questions like "What is the best food to feed my puppy? How often should my puppy be fed? Should I feed bones to my puppy? If so what sort? What about calcium? What about food scraps?" People with new puppies do not only ask vets of course. They seek and are given advice from breeders, pet shop owners, advertisements on television and from books and magazines.

How much do I feed my dogHow much do I feed my dog

Well, you've got a dog. Maybe he's a little too fat, or maybe your puppy is completely hyperactive, or maybe you're planning on going camping in the middle of winter and want to know how to feed your dog. Maybe she's a herding dog, maybe she's used to laying on the couch for seventeen hours every day. Or maybe you're feeding a sled dog team or a show dog or a hunting pair.

Preparing food for a dogPreparing food for a dog

Once the dog food is selected, the matter of getting it to the pooch comes to mind. Dogs should be fed on a fairly regular schedule, in a bowl that is easy to keep clean, in a place with no distractions. Once puppies are weaned, they should be fed separately so you know how much each is eating and so the dominant pup doesn't get most of the food. Feed adult dogs separately as well, to avoid squabbles at the trough.

Raw and Homemade DietsRaw and Homemade Diets

Many people feed a homemade diet to their dogs, feeling that it is more healthy, and of higher quality than commercially produced dog foods. Often, the homemade diet is raw, as well, including raw meats and bones, vegetables and fruits.

What should I feed dogWhat should I feed dog

Dogs have evolved from carnivorous meat eaters into omnivores capable of digesting both animal and plant nutrients . They are no longer the same as their close relatives, the wolves, who are strict carnivores living on meat alone (see other email opinions at the bottom of this article). Although dogs prefer meat-based foods, they can survive on vegetable proteins as long as other missing nutrients and amino acids are added.

What should I NOT feed my dogWhat should I NOT feed my dog

What should I NOT feed my dog? There are several foods that should not be given to dogs.

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