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Caring for Your Dog: The Top Ten EssentialsCaring for Your Dog: The Top Ten Essentials

Your dog gives you a lifetime of unconditional love, loyalty, and friendship. In return, she counts on you to provide her with food, water, safe shelter, regular veterinary care, exercise, companionship, and more. Take care of these ten essentials, and you'll be guaranteed to develop a rewarding relationship with your canine companion.

Dog Eye CareDog Eye Care

Nutrition is one of the most important aspects that we must look after, but we also have to control that all the other organs work properly.The dog's eyes are very sensitive and require daily care.In small breeds, the tear conducts frequently become clogged up and as a consequence they secrete tears which cause the hair around the eyes to loss color.

How Clean Up Your Dogs WasteHow Clean Up Your Dogs Waste

Of all the chores done by pet owners, the least enjoyable is undoubtedly cleaning up their pets waste products. An undesirable but necessary task, it is important to dispose of waste promptly and properly. Viruses, bacteria and parasites can be spread in the yard or other areas used for eliminations. Feces attract flies and other insects, damage lawns, make walking hazardous and just plain smells bad.

How to Keep a Dog Young ForeverHow to Keep a Dog Young Forever

There is a large disparity between the life span of a dog and our life span. After having loved a pet and lost one, it seems unfair. The best we can do is to keep our friends as healthy as possible and forever young. Several factors have been shown to increase the life span of pets. A veterinary textbook, Geriatrics and Gerontology of the Dog and Cat, by Drs. Johnny Hoskins and Richard Goldston, indicates some of these factors.

Taking Care of Dog EarsTaking Care of Dog Ears

It is important to know how to clean the ears correctly to reduce the risk of infections. Knowing the structure of the ear we will understand how we must clean them without hurting the dog. The hearing conduct is not straight; therefore it will not be useful to introduce a stick vertically, since it will not pass even if we try.

Tooth-Some GrinsTooth-Some Grins

I have a grinning dog. He grins at visitors, he grins at the kids, and he especially likes to grin when he sees dinner coming. It's more than a "showing of teeth" although that is certainly part of it; but for those who have seen both the grins and the snarls, the difference is clear. Since Raider likes to show off his teeth so much, I try to keep them as white as possible (a yellow grin just doesn't get the same reaction as a bright white one).

Winter Skin and Paw Care in DogsWinter Skin and Paw Care in Dogs

Winter weather can cause dogs to have dry skin and damaged paws. Learn about some tips on how you can help your dog's skin and paws weather this season! Winter means different things in different parts of the country.

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