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5 Tips For Spotting A Disreputable Dog Breeder5 Tips For Spotting A Disreputable Dog Breeder

New dog owners should always make sure that their purebred pup comes from a reputable and responsible breeder. This is really is the only way to ensure that the animal will be free of any medical or behavioral problems. If a breeder you speak with displays any of the following 5 behaviors, he or she probably isnt breeding healthy puppies in accordance with standards that have been set for the breed.

7 Simple Naming Tips7 Simple Naming Tips

Don't shirk your duties when it comes to naming your pup. These naming tips will help you get off to the right start. Usually, when you decide it's time to have a puppy, thought, effort, and loads of research go hand in hand with finding the right breed for you and your family. Once you've chosen a particular breed, you then spend time meeting puppies and dogs, taking each one for a mini-test drive before deciding on a new friend.

How To Choose A VeterinarianHow To Choose A Veterinarian

Thinking about choosing a veterinarian for your new dog? Where do you start? Usually, when picking a veterinarian, we thumb through the phone book until we find one close to home. But just like a doctor, you might not be happy with his bedside manner. Ive heard people complain that their animals veterinarian doesnt handle their animal well or they just didnt like his manner. Below are some helpful hints in choosing the best veterinarian for your animal.

Puppy Mills, Pet Stores, Shelters and BreedersPuppy Mills, Pet Stores, Shelters and Breeders

There are many ways to acquire a new dog and some methods are definitely better than others. Puppy mills, pet stores, shelters and dog breeders are the most common sources of new pets for most people. Carefully examine the nature of each of these venues before buying a dog.

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