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Are You Ready for a Cat?Are You Ready for a Cat?

Questions to Ask Before Adopting a Pet. Before adopting a cat, take this test.

How to Choose the Best Cat TreatsHow to Choose the Best Cat Treats

Having the right cat treat for your kitty is important to some cat owners. Treats are fun to give and are a nice way of bonding with your cat. Here are some tips to help you choose the best cat treats for your special kitty!

How to Make Your Cat a Lifetime Family MemberHow to Make Your Cat a Lifetime Family Member

Now that your new cat is home, here are the essentials you\'ll need to bond him into your family, and enjoy his company for many, many years.

How to Make Your House a Great Place for Your CatHow to Make Your House a Great Place for Your Cat

Just as you may need a TV, books, or a garden, for the quality of life you enjoy, so does your cat have certain needs. By providing him with the essentials, your relationship with your cat will grow, and kitty will truly feel "at home."

How to Pick the Right Cat for YouHow to Pick the Right Cat for You

Its not quite the same decision process as choosing between a Saint Bernard and a chihuahua. After all, domestic cats are all within a much narrower size range than can be found in doggiedom. Furthermore, dogs have been bred for centuries to perform specific tasks, such as herding sheep or retrieving the hunters prey. Cat owners can only counter with the emphatic proclamation that in all these thousands of years, no one has yet invented a better mousetrap.

What It Costs to Own a CatWhat It Costs to Own a Cat

The answer is pretty simple: all of them fall under the heading impulse purchasing things we buy on impulse, without taking the time to consider their usefulness. We are all susceptible. If you dont believe it, look in your garage or junk drawer.

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