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Aggression in CatsAggression in Cats

When is aggressive behavior too much? House cats, although domesticated versions, are still relatives of the 'big cats'. And with that, still retain some of the aggressive behaviors of larger cats and wild cats.

Cat Jumping and Aversion TechniquesCat Jumping and Aversion Techniques

We all know that cats are amazing jumpers, but sometimes they jump in places that we aren't so happy about like our dining room table. Contrary to popular belief cats are very trainable and you can train your cats as to which places in the house are off-limits. Try some of the tips below and with some time and patience you may have cat-free counters forever!


Cats don't scratch just to ruin items in your home, your cat needs to scratch for multiple reasons:

Socialization and Your CatSocialization and Your Cat

Socialization is the act of teaching a cat how to be a social animal. Cats who are extremely aloof, who don't have any desire for human or feline contact, or who hiss,scratch or bite anyone who gets near them are considered ill-socialized animals (ferals are classic examples of ill-socialized cats).

Why does my Cat do This?Why does my Cat do This?

Living with a cat is always an adventure, if one takes the time to observe, to reflect, and to wonder about some of the fascinating behaviors displayed in the course of a single day by a kitten or a cat!!

Why you Should Play with your CatWhy you Should Play with your Cat

In America, the feline has officially replaced the canine as the most popular pet and the beloved pet of choice. More families in the USA have cats now than dogs - and the majority of families with cats have more than one feline sharing their home.

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