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Caring for your kittenCaring for your kitten

All kittens are adorable and it can be tempting to take one home without thinking of the consequences. Remember that just like children they can be destructive and very demanding. Taking on a kitten means that you are committing yourself to about 14 years of caring for a cat and some live well into their teens and 20s.

First Weeks With A New KittenFirst Weeks With A New Kitten

When you take your kitten home it may feel quite lost and alone after being with mother and litter-mates.  It is natural for it to stand and meow as it is calling for mother and friends.  It may be cautious and hide until it feels secure. 

Hand rearing kittensHand rearing kittens

Raising an orphaned kitten can be a rewarding experience. However, kittens are very fragile, and raising them can be difficult, time consuming, and it is not always successful.

How to Train a Kitten to the LitterboxHow to Train a Kitten to the Litterbox

Kittens are readily trained to the litterbox, which is much preferable to accidents on the carpet. The momma cat will usually train them, but if you are the surrogate momma, here's how.

Neutering your catNeutering your cat

From around the age of 5 to 8 months, kittens reach sexual maturity and are therefore capable of breeding and producing kittens themselves!

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