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Avian NutritionAvian Nutrition

Proper and adequate avian nutrition combined with good husbandry is probably the single most important factor in insuring that your pet bird lives a long and healthy life.

Avian ObesityAvian Obesity

Obesity is a common finding in pet birds. If your bird's body weight exceeds the normal or expected body weight for that species by 15 percent or more, it is likely to be obese.

Feeding Caged BirdsFeeding Caged Birds

The exact nutritional requirements of caged birds are unknown, in spite of claims to the contrary by some product manufacturers, retailers and breeders. Far too much emphasis has been placed on seed and nut diets for caged birds.

Feeding Your CanaryFeeding Your Canary

Canaries are delicate birds and can dehydrate in a very short time, so make sure your canary has access to fresh food and water all day.

Is Your Bird Overweight?Is Your Bird Overweight?

Believe it or not, there is such a thing as a fat bird. Too many seeds, too little flying or climbing and suddenly you could be looking at a serious health problem. Here’s what you need to know to make sure your bird stays in fighting trim.

Switching Your Bird to a Pelleted DietSwitching Your Bird to a Pelleted Diet

Diet is the most important factor in your bird's life. A poor diet can be the underlying cause of many health problems.

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