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Bird's Screaming, what to do?Bird's Screaming, what to do?

While sometimes a screaming problem starts because of boredom, loneliness, or frustrated mating desires, it is very common that screaming develops because an owner has inadvertently reinforced the behavior by rewarding screaming with attention. The problem doesn't develop overnight and there are no magic cures but good discipline and careful alteration of the owner's behavior patterns can often solve it over time.

Fearful ParrotFearful Parrot

Some parrots fear nothing Ч even the tiniest birds challenge huge rivals over territory. Other birds fear almost anything Ч falling or flapping in panic if a shadow crosses the ceiling.

How to Potty Train BirdsHow to Potty Train Birds

Although bird poop has no odor, and is relatively harmless, few people are willing to venture into public with it on their shoulder for friends to notice and say "Hey, I'll bet you have a pet bird". True bird lovers understand that occasionally one will be pooped on by their loving pet and they accept it with grace and dignity. I am one of those people.

Train Your ParrotTrain Your Parrot

When a bird is getting ready to relieve himself, heТll squat just slightly and flick his tail in an upward motion. Observe him in his cage so you can begin to recognize the movement he makes when getting ready to Уgo.Ф

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