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Grooming your BirdGrooming your Bird

Grooming your bird includes trimming its wings and nails, filing its beak, preening your bird and bathing your bird. Grooming your bird gives you a chance to spend quality time with your bird and helps you to form a stronger bond with your pet.

Grooming Your ParrotGrooming Your Parrot

Presuming your parrot has a place to bathe, there should be little need for you to help him preen.

How to Give Your Bird a BathHow to Give Your Bird a Bath

Sometimes, water alone is not enough when you're bathing your bird. In cases where birds have become excessively soiled from hand oils, makeup or just from Уgetting into stuff,Ф a mild detergent is necessary.

How to Trim Your Bird's WingsHow to Trim Your Bird's Wings

For some birds, trimming their wings helps in handling them as well as preventing them from escaping. However, wing trimming should only be done on psittacine or parrot type birds.

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