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A General Discussion of Feather PluckingA General Discussion of Feather Plucking

I recently had the opportunity to attend Parrot Festival '99 in Houston where Dianalee Deter held a general discussion on feather grooming disorders.

Aging in BirdsAging in Birds

We all have some anxiety of growing old. We all have some idea of what aging is about and what changes occur as we age.

Feather PickingFeather Picking

Feather picking, also known as feather plucking, is a condition in which birds cause damage to their own feathers. All normal, healthy birds preen daily, but feather pickers typically overpreen to the point of obsession.

Top Ten Bird KillersTop Ten Bird Killers

Although we all like to think that we always have our bird's best interests at heart, it is impossible to foresee every single household danger that our avian friends can get into. But it is wise to be aware of the most common dangers to our pet birds, so that we can avoid those situations. And, of course, it is an excellent idea to have a well-stocked first-aid kit on hand at all times, in the event that a mishap does occur. Be sure to discuss emergency plans with your avian vet and have a list of emergency phone numbers available.

Zinc Poisioning in BirdsZinc Poisioning in Birds

One of the hottest topics in avian medicine and in aviculture in the last few years has been zinc toxicosis. Heavy metal poisonings have long been seen as a problem in veterinary medicine.

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