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Caring for Your GeckoCaring for Your Gecko

Geckoes are a popular species because they are among the easiest to raise in captivity. Here are some tips to keep your gecko healthy and happy.

Caring for Your IguanaCaring for Your Iguana

Thinking of getting an iguana? Heres a starter list of the supplies you will need.

Caring for Your LizardCaring for Your Lizard

Your lizards longevity is determined by how closely you can match its specific requirements for light, heat, diet, social structure and space. The needs of the 3,000+ species vary greatly, so research your individual lizard carefully.

How Lizards BehaveHow Lizards Behave

Like other reptiles, lizards have certain basic behaviors, but there's far more to lizard behavior than a positive response to heat, light, food and sex. Here's a brief review of some interesting behaviors.

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