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Dogs dictate a fashionDogs dictate a fashion

Every year dictates a new fashion in clothes to us. Every spring people (especially the best half of mankind) open doors of cases and understand that they have resolutely nothing to dress.

Evolution of the dogEvolution of the dog

The dog traces its ancestry back to a five-toed, weasellike animal called Miacis, which lived in the Eocene epoch about 40 million years ago. This animal was the forebear of the cat, raccoon, bear, hyena, and civet, as well as of the wolf, fox, jackal, and dog. Miacis, undoubtedly a tree climber, probably also lived in a den. Like all den dwellers, it no doubt left its quarters for toilet functions so that the den would remain clean. The ease of housebreaking a modern dog probably harks back to this instinct.

Life history of a dogLife history of a dog

The normal life span of a small or medium-size dog is about 15 years. A large dog lives only about ten years, however. On the average, a ten-month-old dog is sexually mature. Smaller bitches go into their first heat (become responsive to their first mating) at an earlier age than larger ones.

Some intersting dog facts......Some intersting dog facts......

When obtaining a dog particular attention should be paid to the type of dog with respect to the size of your yard, the amount of exercise the dog will receive and the amount of time available for grooming. Dogs and humans are the only animals with prostates.

Some Noteworthy Dogs in HistorySome Noteworthy Dogs in History

List the famous dogs in history.

The first experienceThe first experience

People often make a mistake when choose a dog for the first time. People use not those criteria which are really important in this question. Often the main role plays appearance of a dog. People have long discussions as their pet should appear. Whether it should be fluffy or not, white or black, big or small. The majority of people think that if they live in a small apartment also their dog should be small. But the small choleric dog occupies more places, than the big phlegmatic dog.

What dogs canWhat dogs can

Do not leave dogs in your car sending in the nearest pub. Such mistake was made by a certain inhabitant of Canada. The dog sat-sat, and then from boredom has suddenly started his car! While it moved down on roads from a hill, the casual pedestrian has seen the car with black dog driving it and has called police.

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