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People often make a mistake when choose a dog for the first time. People use not those criteria which are really important in this question. Often the main role plays appearance of a dog. People have long discussions as their pet should appear. Whether it should be fluffy or not, white or black, big or small. The majority of people think that if they live in a small apartment also their dog should be small. But the small choleric dog occupies more places, than the big phlegmatic dog.

The important role is played with a fashion on breeds. But the fashion on the certain breed to lasts three-five years. Then one fashionable breed is replaced by another one. But dogs live ten-twelve years. And many fashionable pedigree attributes hide in themselves the certain problems with health and mentality. The some people think that if they cannot devote much time to a dog it is necessary to get a small dog. Forgetting, that a small dog is big efforts too.

Determining what a dog should be - small defenseless or big and courageous, people do not reflect, that the big size of a dog does not protect dogs from the same problems with health. I would advise to give more attention in this question to such concept, as breed. Try to find out as much as possible about the breed which has interested you. It would be quite good, if you would study some breeds. Would find out their history. Would find out for what mankind has invented this breed. What working qualities of dogs are incorporated in this breed? In fact this moment will play very important role in behavior of your pet. You should study an anatomic structure of the given breed attentively. Usually behind anatomic features problems with health are hidden. Short muzzle - problems with breath and as the consequence big loadings on heart, means problems with heart. Dog large - the problems. For the first year of a life it is necessary for puppy to increase weight of the body a hundred times.

The puppy is born weight in 500 gram, and by a year it already should weigh fifty kg. Usually joints have not time to be formed so quickly. Joints lag behind in growth. Therefore large dogs often have problems with joints: such as arthritis. Excessive amount of folds of a skin - new problems. Any wound serves as the open door for an infection. The result - the growth of risk of the infectious diseases, the lowered immunity. To the person who is not engaged professionally in dogs, it is difficult to understand such things. It is better to ask to consult the person who is engaged in cultivation of the given breed. It is desirable to receive consultations of several experts. Because, in my opinion, the cynologistic is a set of subjective opinions which develop in an objective estimation. It would be good to communicate to some representatives of the given studied breed. After dialogue with dogs you will understand about what cynologists spoke you.

And only after you have determined with breed, it is possible to pass to a choice of the puppy. It is very difficult to tell looking on the puppy what character will be at it, when it will become an adult dog. Formation of a dog depends on a plenty of factors. But it is possible to define the type of temperament. And it is very important. The dog with mobile temperament (the choleric or the sanguine) will more suit the amateur of morning jogs than the amateur of fishing. To study so diligently a question of a choice of a dog, it is necessary to spend a lot of time. Even some months. Even a year. But the dog will be near to you twelve years. And you can make these years happy or fill them with never-ending problems.

Comments from Kira: it is possible to think even three years what you want a dog. But when you meet YOUR dog, you forget about everything. And your happiness does not have borders

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