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Some Noteworthy Dogs in History :: It's intresting

List the famous dogs in history.

Laika. The first dog in space. Laika was aboard the Soviet satellite Sputnik 2 in 1957.

Lassie. Any of a line of popular collies in movies and in television series. The first Lassie starred in the 1942 movie 'Lassie Come Home'.

Le Diable. A notorious French dog that smuggled lace and other costly items across the French border under a false skin dyed various colors by its owners to baffle the customs guards.

Rin Tin Tin. A German shepherd who ranked as one of the all-time famous canine movie stars. "Rinty" was in 19 movies before its death in 1932.

Saur, or Suening. A dog that was "king" of Norway for three years during the 11th century AD. The Norwegian king, angry that his subjects once deposed him, put Saur on the throne and demanded that it be treated regally.

Soter. One of 50 watchdogs of ancient Greece that alone survived attack by invaders and ran to the gates of Corinth to warn the citizens.

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